Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shinkansen Ambitious Japan

Shinkansen Ambitious Japan N700 Series for Nozomi Class in Shin of Osaka

Promoting Shinkansen at a Bilboard, in Osaka

Shinkansen N700 Series Ambitious Japan, the first pre-production N700 series train was in July 2003 and completed for a public launch in March 2005. My husband has tried to travel with N700 Ambitious Japan in 2004. The maximum speed is around 300 km/h but they usually operate around 270 km/h. This train has ability to make 2,500m radius at 270 km/h. Operate by electric energy with 25 kV voltage of alternating current. There are some electric compensators installed along the railway in order to maintain electric power stability. Some Japanese people who live near the compensator said about feeling of little electric power instability when Shinkansen pass through.

Japan very ambitious to make high speed trains; some Japanese always comparing the speeds with France TGV. The speed record for the TGV is currently 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph), set in April 2007. Sometimes Japanese engineers look to future, they want to create magnetic trains that could be little float above the rail way while its travel with much more speeds than Shinkansen. We know that if we find two different magnetic pool, it will has ability to make distance between each others. The engineers will make this practice to the train between wheels and the rail way. I don’t know about how the details, until we find out in real train. They yells Gambate..!! ( it could be : Come on… we can..!!) ..for increasing theirs spirits.

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