Saturday, April 4, 2009

Building of Shinkansen (Bullet Trains)

The old Shinkansen Bullet Train monumented in
a Rolling Stock Manufacture in Aichi Perfecture

Japan's CO2 Robot Welding Machines

CO2 Welding Procces

In 1964 the first Shinkansen opened for serves fast traveling between Tokyo and Osaka, this line call the Tokaido Line, remembering Tokaido Road that had linked Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto in samurai times. Then followed by extending the line to Osaka, for creating new line to Hiroshima and Fukuoka in Kyushu. This line call Sanyo Line.

Shinkansen Train made in Rolling Stock manufactures in Japan, the major fabrication process is Welding. There are many types of Welding process applied to fabricate Suinkansen Trains; such as : Electric Resistance Welding; Seam and Spot Welding, CO2 MAG Welding, SMAW Welding, Robots Welding, and Laser Welding.

The train bogey (which hold wheels, suspension system, brake system, and some of electrics motors) made by CO2 MAG Robot Welding type. Train bogey needs high accurate in dimension and quality, because of its prime function in train systems. Laser Welding usually use for weld of different thick dimensions of metal plates. Laser and Seam also Spot Welding applied to the outer body which needs aerodynamics performance and beauty appearance. The trains bogey made from high quality alloy steel which needs of strength and ability to hold fatigue life. Train outer body made from Aluminums Alloys (could be 6061 Duralumin or 7075); which needs strength, aerodynamics performance and light. Those Aluminium Alloy materials were same as that use for making Jumbo Jet outer body. The wheels and axle made by foundry fabricators with casting process; these needs strength, ductile, high energy absorbs and wears resistance.

One of train body usually carried by 2 (two) of train bogey; this train body place on the bogey with high accuracy flexible movement. This flexible movement accuracy to be important for high speed traveling in railway with have high radius. This condition also to demand trains body construction have high fatigues life. One of the bogey has 2 up to 4 electric motors that will powered the trains.

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