Monday, April 6, 2009

Buying Shinkansen's Ticket

Train Platform Billboard for Nagoya and Osaka
... it may be in Shizuoka or Mount Fuji

You can buy a Shinkansen ticket at any JR ticket window or counter for JR Train and Shinkansen; that usually call Midori no Madoguchi (green ticket window). This counter or ticket window usually serves by manually although are completed with online mainframe. Please don't be confuse with local or subway (chikatetsu) ticket windows; that usualy serves by vending machine (computerized).

If you want to know about the ticket price or time table, you can visit this site then select English. Type your departure and your plan destination, then select Shinkansen. Now you will see the ticket price and the time table. It will be better if you print this before buy the ticket. Japan Shinkansen price from Nagoya to Tokyo is around 10,000 Yen up to 11,000 Yen and from Tokyo to Osaka is around 11,000 up to 13,000 Yen.

If you already get your ticket then go to Shinkansen Train Gate; put and take back your ticket from the gate. Please remember about the direction or platform that you have to take, its depend on your plan destination. You may check the direction board or the platform billboard, there are two languages English and Nihongo. Or you may ask to Japanese (Nihonjin) husband usually ask "Tokyo wa doko desu ka ..?" while he bowing down. And the Japanese smile while he guide to the right platform for Tokyo.

Shinkansen Train Gate

Get in to the Shinkansen car

Dont worry about your local or subway (chikatetsu) ticket at the destination, you may buy this ticket easily and cheap. And you can check the local or subway train map at the counter or you can request to the front line.


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japan-shinkansen said...

Thanks for you visit..!! I'll visit you back.

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Matt and Toni Rings said...

On the website search for Shinkansen tickets, make sure you check the "corp" button for "Japan Railways", as well as check the Shinkansen boxes. This will ensure the search works to find bullet train tickets.


boma said...

is there any officer who check our ticket inside the train or it just an electronic system to do it?

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