Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get Lunch at Train Station in Japan

Foodshop at Nagoya Train Station

Japanese Lunch

If you need lunch while you are at the train station in Japan, it is not difficult because many shops sell food, including lunch. Of course food is Japanese food, lunch is usually rice and meat or fish or shrimp as well as Asian food. But sometimes there are also order of vegetables, but the noodle is a bit light.

A litle Europe or American food may be rarely found, except in the big stations will be found, such as fast food or fried chicken or burger. However, the bread will be easy to find a fresh or and have a taste. Food in Japan is not too expensive for the size of Europe and the United States people, but for Asian may be a little expensive. If you have

Japan money in 1000 yen, or approximately 9 US dollar you will get enough lunch.
Inside the Shinkansen train you can also buy food, stewardess who usually have to sell food. Or you can also order lunch on the Shinkansen, but the price will be different.

Softdrink will easily found in Japan in a variety of packaging, but the Japanese rule that just water is free and forbiden for sale. Softdrink or hot coffee can be found in the vending machine, the price varies from 100 yen to 600 yen.

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