Friday, April 17, 2009

Is Shinkansen always on time...?!

Shinkansen waiting for Typhoon up to 12 hours in Hiroshima station

Shinkansen not always on time, sometimes also experienced delays or delay departure. My husband had experienced a delay departure until 12 hours in Hiroshima station, this is caused by bad weather and typhoon. Thypoon in Japan ussualy occurs around July to November. Thypoon sometimes bring heavy rains and high wind velocity starting from 241 km/h and 67 m/s as superthypoon.

Shinkansen, which is relatively lightweight aluminum body may have a sufficient risk of an accident with a high-speed wind. With passenger safety reasons then the departure delay is a wise choice. Unlike the subway train (Chikatetsu) that runs on tunnel (under the land), the subway is relatively safe to use by the passenger at the time of typhoon season. But subway usually use for short traveling.

The passengers who have business dealings may have to choose other alternatives travel when Shinkansen having delays departure. Japan may need to think more in terms of long travel on the issue when there are typhoon season.


roentarre said...

The image is stellar. Beautiful image of the facade of the bullet train.

Sony is a good camera. It is the photographer that makes the difference

Fetra said...

artikel yang berguna nih, mampir di blog ku ya di sapa tahu bisa nemuin sesuatu.....keep on blogging!

snogglethorpe said...

Delays do happen, but they're rare, and more importantly, if the weather is bad enough that the shinkansen is delayed, it's pretty much guaranteed that every form of long-distance travel is delayed/unreliable (especially airplanes, but typhoons basically screw up everything).

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