Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shinkansen, who was sleep in its Cabin..?

If you travel with Shinkansen, you may feel like travelling with Jumbo Jet Airplane such as : Boeing 747, 767; or Airbus 300. The good suspension system; accurate flexibility body movement on bogey make all passengers are comfortable lying in theirs seat. All outside noises will absorb by the body wall that made by aluminum alloy at outer sides, soundproof materials at core, and polymers materials is inside.

Most of passengers could sleep after ten minutes of theirs sitting. All of them will looks like a baby who swing by his mother; sometimes looks move swaying like a falling leaf. All of them looks don’t have any worry about theirs stop. What happen if some of them are get lost and passing away of theirs stop. Or maybe they dreams that they already at home.

Sometimes the conductor girl checks the passenger by randomly; like remedial inspection, perhaps somebody needs her help. Sometimes they right the passengers sleep position. Why this do not happen in our home..?

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